Semi Automatic Filter Press

Semi Automatic Filter Press
Semi Automatic Filter Press Description
  • A Semi Automatic Filter Press has the same concept as the manual Filter Press, except that the Some process is automated. It consists of Hydraulic cylinder.
  • The function of the Cylinder is to move the pressure plate and allow rapid pressure in whole system till the system get filled and Close.
  • filter cakes accumulated in between the plates.
  • It also contains a diaphragm compressor in the filter plates which aids in optimizing the operating condition by further drying the filter cakes.
  • Cake discharge can be done in many ways. For example: Shaking the plates while they are being opened or shaking the cloths.
  • A scraper can also be used, by moving from one chamber to another and scraping the cake off the cloth.
  • At the end of each run, the cloths are cleaned using wash liquid and are ready to start the next cycle.

Advantages of Semi Automatic Filter Press

  • Less Effort than Manual Filter Press.
  • Equal Distribution of Pressure in Every Chambers
  • Less man power
  • Easy to operate & Handling


  • Semi-automatic Filter Press is available from 610mm (24″) to 1500mm (60″) plate sizes.
  • Economic in oversize machines
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