Repair & Refurbishment

filter press repair

Does your Filter press look like this? Might you be able to utilize some refreshed or redesigned parts, or generous filtration hardware filter press repair?Appreciate the advantages of having NMP revamp your current channel press. You will love the choice.

NMP works in giving new and remade parts to existing filtration frameworks, whatever the brand or maker. Our gifted experts have years of involvement with a wide range of filtration gear.

Some of our filtration equipment repair refurbishment services include:
  • Hydraulic Unit and Cylinder Repair/Replacement
  • Addition or Replacement of Plate Sifters and Drip Trays
  • Addition or Replacement of Safety Components (light curtains, e-stops)
  • Filter Plate Repair and Replacement
  • Filter Press Frame/Sidebar Repair and Replacement

Whatever your needs, you can spare time and cash by repairing or potentially renovating your filtration gear with the goal that it runs like new.

Reach us today for more data on NMP expert filtration hardware repairs.

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