Equipment and Accessories

NMP Equipment
Basic Component Of Filter Press :-
  • Frame (with sidebars)

Hydraulic Closing System

These hydraulic power units (HPUs) consist of a base power unit, low-pressure manifold, and a high-pressure manifold. The base power unit includes a hydraulic oil reservoir, an electric motor, and a low-pressure hydraulic pump. High-speed models also include a high-pressure pump driven by the same motor. The low-pressure pump supplies hydraulic fluid to the low pressure manifold for the operation of automatic hydraulic plate shifters, drip trays, cloth washers, and the main cylinder.

power pack

Electric Hydraulics

Electric hydraulics are controlled by the NMP Electric Hydraulic Control System (EHCS), which monitors the status of the system and provides an emergency stop push button, disconnect switch and touch screen control of the filter press hydraulics

Optional Accessories

Plate Shifting Device

The system shifts the individual plates, opens the filtration chambers and allows the emptying of the filter press. Automatic shifting replaces manual handling of the plates. 

Benefits and fields of use:

  • Designed mainly for filter presses with large plates or a great number of plates
  • Significant facilitation of the filter press attendance – two workers are needed for manual shifting of large plates, only one worker is needed to check the process of emptying of the filter press during automatic extraction
  • Process automation and shortened emptying period
  • Adjustable speed of plates shifting

Automatic plates shifting options:

  • Individually plate by plate – gradual shifting of single plates until all the set is shifted. The process can be interrupted any time and the operator can remove possible impurities from the cloth.
  • Simultaneous shifting of several plates – shifting is carried out by a stroke of the hydraulic cylinder during the filter press opening. The single plates are fixed to the steel plate connected to the hydraulic cylinder at certain distances and when the steel plate moves, the particular groups of plates are shifted at once. The process is fully automatic.
Drip Tray [Bomb Door]

The drip trays catch spills off the cloth, or washing water during the cloth washing and drain it to the collection trough. They are installed under the set of filtration plates.


The most frequent material is PP, the plates can also be made of stainless steel or other materials as requested.

Benefits and fields of use:

  • Used mainly for large filter presses
  • Major facilitation of the filter press attendance– the plates need not be removed manually before shifting, which would be very difficult with the large filter presses (large sizes and heavyweights, limited room for handling).
drip tray-min
Cloth Washing

this system makes it possible to wash the cake residues off the cloth using water under pressure. Washing is performed simultaneously on both sides of the plate.

Benefits and fields of use:

  • Regular washing of the cloth maintains its permanent permeability – the filtration resistance due to clogging of the cloth by the cake residues does not increase
  • Lower loading of the feed pump leads to significant extension of its service life
  • The service life of the cloth is extended

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Belt Conveyor

The dropping cake can be conveyed via the hopper to a conveyor, which usually transports the cake to a container.

Benefits and fields of use:

  • the container does not have to be installed directly on the filter press, but it can be outside the building, or in another room, which is easily accessible for lorries transporting the containers.
Feed Pumps

The feed pump drives the suspension into the filter press and overcomes the filtration resistance of the filtration cloth and the forming cake in the filter press chambers.

The feed pump usually increases up to 6 – 15 bar, the flow is controlled by a pressure switch, or a frequency (FM). The type of pump and the material used depend on the character and properties of the pumped suspension.

Most Common type Pump

Screw Pump

Displacement pumps suitable for pumping of non-abrasive substances, they can be regulated by a frequency converter.

Filter Press Quote

Centrifugal Pump

Pumps suitable for high flow rates. Ideal for high-speed filtration and for water pumping.

centrifugal pump
centrifugal pump

AOD Pump

Air operated the diapharm pump. It is the best pump for small filter press. It is work by pressurized air. The main advantage of this pump is no overfeeding happened in the filter press.

Related Components  [ just for information ]
  • Supporting Steel Structure
  • Pipes and Fittings
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