Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press

Membrane Filter Press are designed similar like chamber plates described above. A flexible membrane is fixed to the support body. The material for the membranes is polypropylene. The membrane is impermeable and compresses the cake within the chamber after the filtration process is completed. Liquid or air (compressed air) can be used as membrane inflation media.


  • Short filtration cycles
  • Short washing cycles
  • Low residual moisture
  • No direct load on membrane due to press closing force
  • High elasticity of membrane
  • Time-independent membrane movement
  • Sealing of filter plate system
  • Large cross-sectional area of filtrate outlet
  • Safety factor of the membrane system

There are two kinds of membrane plate, integrated membrane plate and CGR membrane plate. NMP membrane plates are characterized by uncomplicated constructional setup, high functional security, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and good sealing performance.

Mix pack Membrane Filter Press
  • Mixed pack membrane filter plates are a configuration in which one recessed (chamber) filter plate is alternated with one membrane plate in the filter press plate pack.
  • Use of these mixed packs – where the diaphragm (membrane squeeze) plates alternate with the recessed plates – not only delivers reduced cake moisture because of the added squeeze but also cost-savings in overall plate pack costs vs. the full membrane squeeze pack design.
  • In most applications, the same process improvements can be realized with a “mixed pack” membrane filter plate system at 30-40% lower costs as compared to an all membrane plate system.
  • Two types of membrane squeeze plate designs are typically used, fixed membranes and replaceable membranes.
  • With the replaceable membrane, only the membrane bladder is changed not the full plate.
  • There are also other design options including either center feed or corner feed.
  • NMP filtration specialists can work on selection of just the right filter plate materials of construction and configuration for your particular application and for your production goals.
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