Manual Filter Press

Manual Filter Press
  • A Manual Filter press is simple and the basic Form of the Filter Press.
  • In Manual Filter press every operation is done manually.
  • Manual Filter Press are available from 300mm to 915mm plate sizes.
  • These machines are an effective, inexpensive choice for handling smaller quantities of material.

In manual Filter Press two types of mechanism are available at NMP

  • Rachet Type
  • Capstan Type
Ratchet filter press

In manually operated filter press with Ratchet Closing Device. The system consists of Ratchet Mechanism, Pinion and Gear Wheel. By applying a Ratchet lever to the pinion shaft the force is transmitted by small pinion to the larger gear-wheel which provides the final lightening on the plate pack.

In manually operated filter press with Capstan Closing Device. This type of closing Mechanism is recommended up-to 610 mm square Filter Press. A screw with hand-wheel is used for closing the pack of filter plates and for final tightening.


  • Maintenance Free
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to Operate


  • It is easy to learn.
  • low maintenance.
  • Economical and practical choice.
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