Hydraulic Closing Filter Press

hydraulic filter press manufacturer gujarat
  • Our filter press is equipped with all of the protections required by safety regulations, and the electrical system is built according to the strictest current standards.
  • High-pressure filtration produces a filter cake of low moisture content
  • The powerful and effective filter cloth washing system prevents clogging of the filter cloth.
  • Unique plates shifting and shaking device provides convenient and safe cake discharge from the filter press.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with twice epoxy coated for maximum chemical resistance.
  • Filter plates are corrosion resistant 100% polypropylene.
  • Complete manifold including air blow down features to assure driest possible cake.
  • Hydraulic oil system for automatic press opening and closure.
  • Fully automatic filter press with variable volume plates chamber plates and membrane plate.
  • Power saving, free trouble, low operation and maintenance cost.

NMP is largest hydraulic filter press manufacturer Gujarat.

Advantages of Semi Automatic Filter Press

  • Less Effort than Manual Filter Press.
  • Equal Distribution of Pressure in Every Chambers
  • Less man power
  • Easy to operate & Handling


  • Semi-automatic Filter Press is available from 610mm (24″) to 1500mm (60″) plate sizes.
  • Economic in oversize machines
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