Food and Beverage,Agriculture

Food Beverage, Agriculture

NMP offers filter material outlined particularly for sustenance and drink preparing. Unique FDA-agreeable yarns and edge medicines are accessible upon demand. Our machines are used in Food Beverage, Agriculture industries.

We will even furnish you with specially painted presses, if that is your necessity.

Regardless of whether your need is for filtration of juice, wine, lager, sugar juice or eatable oils, nourishment and drink preparing requires an extensive scope of filtration items including filter fabrics, filter plates, and filter squeeze gear that is custom fitted for your sustenance review applications. Our demonstrated fluid/strong detachment skill guarantees predictable part to-parcel quality, administrative consistence, vitality administration, squander administration and cost control for your filter squeeze operations.

Reach us to put NMP designed filtration know-how in various sustenance and drink – and additionally rural businesses – to work for your one of a kind arrangement of difficulties.

Area of Application
  • Sugar refinery
  • Beer production
  • Palm oil and oil separation
  • Wine production
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