filter cloth material
Calendaring & Quality Control

Calendaring is a critical completing treatment in filter cloth generation. Amid the calendaring stage, the filter cloth material is balanced out in preheating apparatus. Last surface completing and porousness is accomplished with fast calender’s – warmed, cleaned, steel rolls – which press the texture, making the surface smooth and minimal, and advance “setting” the cloth.

QC Testing

A research center investigation of each roll is led including weight, string check and porousness; the roll is ticketed with an individual serial number and discharged to NMP warehouse.during the completing procedure, precise penetrability readings are taken “on the fly,” as the texture sustains through the timetable stack. After “on the fly” QC, the gigantic rolls are re-moved into 100-yard bundles.

NMP offers a broad stock of strong, brilliant, elite filter cloth material, modified for every client’s demanding application.

Get in touch with us to take in more about how we may help you with choosing the correct blend of filter cloth and hardware to enhance your filter squeeze operation.

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