Filtration FAQ

What is a Filter Press?

The four principle parts of a Filter Press incorporate the frame, filter plates, complex (piping and valves), and filter cloth, the key element for enhancing Filter Press operations.

A filter press is a bit of gear utilized as a part of fluid/strong division. In particular, the Filter Press isolates the fluids and solids utilizing pressure filtration, wherein a slurry is pumped into the Filter Press and is dewatered under pressure. NMP is Trusted master in fluid/strong partition and offers an extensive variety of Filter Press sorts to suit your application requirements for inconvenience free, sparing dewatering including: Sidebar Automatic, Manual Overhead, Automatic Dual Overhead Beam, Stainless Steel Clad, Explosion-confirmation Filter Presses, Vacuum Filter Presses, and Hand Filter Presses.

If you have any inquiries, please reach us and our master group of Sales, Service and Applications Engineers will help you with upgrading your current Filter Press operation or help you with estimating new filtration hardware.

Why does my filter press leak around the edges of the plates ?

The filtration attributes of particular slurries will influence filtration productivity and having excessively back pressure will bring about edge spilling. Inadequately composed filtrate release funneling, higher than prescribed pumping volumes, or inaccurately chose filter cloths may all bring about or add to this issue.

What is the best pump for a filter press ?

Many pump sorts are utilized with great outcomes, contingent on the qualities of the material being prepared. Air diaphragm pumps don’t shear flocculated slurries and are the most widely recognized sort of pump utilized. An additional favorable position to this sort of pump is that the air drive slows down when filtration is finished. Positive dislodging pumps are utilized on high pressure filters.

What is the highest pressure I can pump to my filter press ?

Filter presses are planned for the most part for two pressures, 7 and 15 bar (100 and 225 psi), albeit exceptional machines are made for higher pressures. Check the gear manual to guarantee you don’t surpass the pressure your filter system was intended for. On the off chance that you require help, measure your chamber smash estimate, take note of the water driven pressure and get in touch with us for offer assistance.

Can I wash filter cloths with a portable high pressure washer ?

Yes, gave the hose has a fan and not a needle tip. The wand ought to be moved over the filter cloth reliably and not held in one position. 800 to 900 psi is most likely a satisfactory pressure to clean cloths. On the off chance that cleaning is not productive, then consider synthetically expelling inserted particulates.

Can I chemically clean my filter cloth ?

Chemical cleaning of filter cloth is an extremely successful method for restoring filtration execution. Polypropylene cloths will acknowledge both burning and corrosive cleaning though nylon and polyester fibers require more watchful determination of the cleaning medium – get in touch with us for offer assistance. Keep in mind – Precautions should dependably be grasped when taking care of synthetic cleaning arrangements.

How long may I store filter cloth ?

NMP manufactured cloths might be put away uncertainly; they are not influenced by mold or creepy crawlies. Bright light will debilitate polypropylene and these cloths ought to be put away inside.

How do I extend my filter cloth life ?

Cloth life is abbreviated by mechanical harm, which might be brought about by chemical, mechanical scraped spot, or both. Life is additionally abbreviated when cloth ends up plainly blinded. Record all the filter press working conditions, and specifically changes that you have made, and forward them to us for assessment and suggestions.

Can I reduce my cycle time ?

Ordinarily, the slurry qualities decide process duration. Molding of the slurry can enhance the dewatering time. More slender cakes will likewise diminish process durations and are all the more effectively washed.

Can I try cloth samples to see if they work ?

We will give few filter cloth tests at no charge for introductory assessment. It is common for us to require some data on the working conditions and your objectives before making filter cloth suggestions.

Can I easily replace my existing hydraulic power pack ?

Yes, we make particular power packs for both air/oil and electro/pressure driven conclusion. These are effortlessly introduced in any brand of filter press and are equipped for running basic and programmed machines. Now and again, it might be required for an extra control board to be incorporated.

Can I change the type of filter plate I have ?

Yes, any kind of filter plate might be retrofitted to any filter press. You should just cling to the most extreme working pressure of the filter press outline.

Can I arrange for a service call to refurbish my filter at my facility ?

Yes, we can arrange for specialists to visit to direct the renovation chip away at site. By and large, it is feasible for NMP to supply parts that may effectively be introduced by your work force, sparing you cash. Cases of this incorporate substitution polypropylene filter plates, water powered frameworks, control boards, and programmed and self-loader plate sifters.

How can I tell if my filter cloth needs replacing ?

Filter cloth that has performed well – demonstrating that it was the right plan for your conditions – will in the long run must be supplanted. More often than not, when filter cloth needs supplanting, you will watch that the filter process duration will be longer and the filter cake will turn out to be dynamically wetter. On the off chance that your cloth has not performed well from the begin, then you have to change the plan. Get in touch with us so we may help you in choosing the correct filter cloths for your working conditions.

How can I buy spare filter plates for my filter press ?

Filter plates are uniquely crafted for the specific brand of filter you have. We can produce plates to the right detail for any brand, make or model of filter press.

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