Filter Cloth

filter cloth,

Filter Cloth is a media, where genuine filtration happens. Filter Cloths mounts on the deplete surface of the Filter Plates. At the point when slurry nourishes inside the Filter Plate chamber, the slurry gets filtered through the Filter Cloth.

NMP is the Worldwide expert on filter cloths, the key fixing to enhancing your filter press operations. We take incredible care to survey every client’s procedure and application to outline a filter cloth that is customized to every client’s demanding necessities. From natural to synthetics and felted materials, NMP offers a broad stock of solid, elite filter cloths materials to meet your filtration needs.

We realize that guaranteeing fast and responsive turnaround is principal agreeable to you. We work with trusted providers in nearness to our assembling areas to guarantee that we have close by the cloth materials required for your particular application.

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Yarn Fiber Materials

decisions of yarn fiber materials, yarn outlines, weave designs, sewing decisions, edge medicines and more are altogether consolidated into our filter cloth development to build cloth life, enhance filter cake discharge attributes, and improve filtration operations.

yarn design
Yarn Design for Filter Cloth

At NMP decisions of fiber decisions, yarn sorts, weave outlines, sewing decisions, edge medications and more are altogether joined into our filter cloths to expand cloth life, enhance filter cake discharge attributes, and upgrade filtration operations.

weave pattern
Weave Patterns

weave examples are an imperative element impacting filter cloth execution. Required cake discharge qualities, scraped spot resistance, imperviousness to corrosive and basic conditions, molecule maintenance, and powerlessness to blending all figure choice of a weave design for your specific filter press operation.

weaving process
Weaving Process

The cloth distorting and filter cloth weaving forms assume a basic part in our clients getting the correct filter cloth every last time for their application and working conditions.


A research facility examination of each roll is directed including weight, string check, and penetrability; the roll is ticketed with an individual serial number and discharged to NMP’s distribution center.

laser cutting
Laser Cutting

NMP has put intensely in its best in class laser cutting operations. Here exact cloth shapes are made by means of CAD programming and exchanged to the fast laser cutters.To guarantee exactness, speed and a definitive in quality

feed neck
Feed Neck

Cloth neck sorts are an essential parameter that can enormously influence the proficiency of filter press operations and save money on support time.filter cloth development gets together assumes a basic part in helping clients accomplish ideal filtration execution in their filter press operations.

Filter Cloth Attachment 

Attachment might be sewed, welded, or machine-collected to give sturdy construction.There are different strategies for filter cloth connection to filter plates.Side-tie eyelets and strengthened gaps keep the cloth level and situated correctly.

Automated Machine Assembly And Hand Stitching

Mechanized machine stitching is an essential part of our filter cloth producing procedure to furnish you with high caliber and a high level of responsiveness for your bigger requirements.

EDGE Sealing

At NMP, manufactured elastic sealant edge treatments are connected by exceptionally experienced operators.Edge fixing makes a covering of the texture at the joints of the filter plate, acting to forestall wicking of the filtrate.It is an especially vital element amid the filter cake washing or air-blowing.

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