Feed Necks

cloth neck

Cloth neck sorts are a vital parameter that can extraordinarily influence the effectiveness of filter press operations and save money on support time.In expansion to texture configuration (yarn fiber materials, yarn sorts, weave designs, weaving process), filter cloth development gathering assumes a basic part in helping clients accomplish ideal filtration execution in their filter press operations.

Welded HPR Feed Necks

NMP exclusive, protected, welded superior elastic (HPR) Design conveys numerous execution preferences to filter press operations. Our HPR encourage neck uses thermoplastic elastic mixes and a controlled-temperature welding framework to join the nourish neck to a polypropylene filter cloth.

The HPR sustain neck is completely impervious to high speed, rough slurries and to all concoction molding welded encourage necks can’t hole or sidestep item through line openings, guaranteeing that there will be no sudden disappointments and yield misfortunes when you are filtering costly items.

Notwithstanding the HPR configuration, there are other superior filter cloth neck sorts, for example, the SK neck configuration, warm treated covered neck outline, and clasp neck plan. Other extraordinary vinyl-covered and FDA covered neck plans are accessible when required.

SK Feed Necks

NMP scraped spot safe plan prompts longer filter cloth life for better working economics.This new protected item permits inflexible, plastic necks to be connected to polypropylene cloths. The execution advantages are the same as with the HPR outline with the extra preferred standpoint of high scraped spot resistance for troublesome slurries.

Heat-Treated Coated Feed Necks

For applications where cloth attachments are desired, a heat-treated coated neck should be selected. This neck type uses synthetic rubber formulations, and is determined by NMP to be chemically-stable and abrasion-resistant. They will always outperform hand-applied treatments.

Clip Necks

This creative plan diminishes cloth change-out circumstances, brings down general cloth costs, and enhances filter press operations.This is a protected, NMP-outlined neck utilized as a part of conjunction with uncommon plate alterations, permitting the utilization of single filter cloths.

Get in touch with us to take in more about our cloth neck sorts and different parameters to advance filter cloth execution in your operation.

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