Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Manufacturing

NMP offers you uniquely composed, covered, and exceedingly retentive woven textures to enhance handle yields and diminish process duration, permitting you to get the most out of your current filtration hardware used in Chemical Manufacturing industries.

Regardless of whether you are in inorganic chemicals, plastic, pitches or paints, colors and shades, NMP is a very trusted designed filtration mark. You can depend upon NMP filtration skill and specialized learning in synthetic assembling.

Our licensed “Clasp Neck” outline has turned into an industry standard, when cake washing and simple filter material change-out are critical.

Get in touch with us to take in more about NMP designed filtration answers for your requesting compound assembling applications. You may likewise visit our habitually made inquiries area for answers to normally asked filtration-related inquiries.

Area of Application
  • Production process of organic and inorganic pigments.
  • Silica purification
  • TiO2 purification
  • Purification of brine
  • Production of organic and inorganic acids
  • Production of stearates
  • Carbonate and sulfate purification
  • Production of synthetic fibers
  • Bentonite and bleaching coal purification
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